Working with Audacity

Over the last couple of weeks, the first team of community reporters have been getting to grips with how audio can be used to tell people’s stories, explores issues and topics pertinent to communities and produce interview content. Their journey into audio started with addressing the pros and cons of the medium, identifying both how it is useful (e.g. in telling people’s stories who don’t want to be identified visually) and also its limitations (e.g. for visually-led stories and topics, it would be difficult to use audio).

They then embarked on a crash course in audio recording, before hitting the streets with their digital tools to capture people’s thoughts, opinions and stories. One group opted to produce a report on a singing group that runs within PSS and Kindred Minds, and another tackled the topic of healthy eating via vox-pops. The groups then came back to the training base at Toxteth TV and were introduced to Audacity, a free audio editing software. Like ducks in water, the groups were off…and their reports were blogged live onto the Community Reporter site and on here. You can listen to Sing Yourself Better here and Healthy Eating vox-pops here.

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