What is accessible content?

Today’s session has been focused on making the content and posts on WellPool more accessible to different people, and we started the session by exploring the question ‘What is accessible content?’. The group came up with a range of ideas from subtitled videos, to text to speech plug-ins, to having content in different languages and have signed videos… a Fisher Price has said… the possibilities are endless!

Whilst we don’t have the resources to make the whole site available in multiple languages or to have a Signer for all of our videos, we have been searching the web for the best accessible content around! We’ve found signed videos on mental health, animated videos on wellbeing, subtitled videos on Mind’s ‘Find The Words’ campaign and much more. In the coming week’s you’ll see these being posted and shared on this site, so let us know what you think and share them with others on your social media.

For now, we’d thought we’d direct your attention to the Easy Health website that has loads of free leaflets and resources in easy read, and that are accessible for people with learning disabilities. The site has content on a range of topics from cancer to exercise, periods to food, so its well worth a look for those looking for resources or support materials that are more visually-led.

If you know of anymore great online resource we can direct people to, then post them in the comments!






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