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Well Pool Podcast Episode 3 - Mindful Arts - Well Pool

Well Pool Podcast Episode 3 – Mindful Arts

I am fascinated by the link between creativity, and mindfulness. So I was delighted to talk to Tom George of Mindful Arts.

Among his many activities, he runs Mindful Writing workshops in the North West of England. I caught up with him at the final workshop of a course he had been running in Liverpool Central Library in March. The podcast was delayed by that cover-all: ‘Technical Difficulties’ So, apologies for that. Unfortunately, the dates of upcoming events in the podcast have passed now. But I have included some further dates at the end of the podcast, and will also include them here. The link to the podcast is below.

Each session relates to one of the senses. The one that I sat in on was based on the sense of ‘touch’. Tom describes in the podcast interview what the workshops are about. So I won’t add more here, other than my enthusiasm. My only regular writing activities a daily journal, and contributing to Well Pool, but that is all. But, I enjoyed the session. We did a range of ‘tactile’ activities. The aim was to simply write in response to the sensory perception. If you are interested in writing and mindfulness, I can recommend the workshops. They are thought-provoking and a lot of fun.

The next workshop is in Preston on the 4th May, while the next one in Liverpool is the following day. Details are on the  Mindful Arts Facebook Page, with a full list un the Events section. You will also find ‘Inner Peace with mindfulness and meditation’ sessions. The next one in Liverpool on the 12th May.

Also check out Tom’s blog. You’ll find examples of his poems, songs, video and the spectrum of his many creative talents.

You can listen to Episode 3 of the Well Pool Podcast here.

Marc Fraser

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