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“Turmoil” and “Peaks and Troughs” - Well Pool

“Turmoil” and “Peaks and Troughs”

Here are two poems from a new poet to the WellPool blog and we have great pleasure in sharing her awesome talent with our readers. Let us introduce a very talented, young lady called Sarah Strutt whom we’re sure we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future. We wish her well on her writing and personal journeys. We think she is an inspiration and without further ado here is her story in her own words:-

The poems that I am submitting were written during my personal journey of mental illness. Diagnosed with borderline personality disorder seven years ago, I found myself struggling with many aspects of life. I used  self harm as a coping mechanism and at my darkest of times attempted to take my own life. This resulted in numerous hospital admissions

Prior to my diagnosis I was registered blind due to a degenerative eye condition. When combining my site loss with my mental health difficulties I entered yet darker times. It was then when I discovered that writing poetry helped  to  express my emotions and

As my work gained more exposure I began to get some extremely positive feedback. This began to improve my self esteem and provided a positive focus. I became involved with a number of charities who worked with mental health, physical and sensory disabilities  I used my poetry as a way to inform people of how it can feel to live with particular difficulties. I also share my experiences with people who may be enduring similar experiences. To realise that they are not alone.

I am proud of my poetry and the impact that it has had.I am hopeful that writing will continue to help manage my mental health and be of some use to others. My passion for writing poetry and the positive effects it has demonstrated on my health  are encouragement for me to continue writing.











Climb to my feet then hit the ground with a thud
World of magpies when in search of a dove
A Smile on my face but my heart is miss placed
Fingers on my pulse  but unable to find a trace
My mind inflicts pain, thoughts contaminated
My skin the book of life through my scars I illustrated
Ashamed of the person who resides behind my  name
Enraged, for my hurt,  no one on whom I can place blame
Like I live life squeezing tight the devils hand
My thoughts and feelings are resulting from his command
The brutal beatings that bear  no bruises
The voice that belittles judges and accuses
Losing faith to the few that remain
The unwell brain  once again is beginning to reign
I’m judging your actions judging your words
Searching for motives  behind what I heard
Declaring your love sharing how much you care
Yet I’m convinced you will soon walk elsewhere.

@2018 Sarah Strutt

Reproduced with permission

Peaks and Troughs

The person that I present to be
Differs greatly from how I perceive me
Deep in the pit of my stomach they are alive
A colony of excitable butterflies
Emotions knock me off my feet  alike a tidal wave
Unaware of the reason I find myself afraid
My heart beats like thunder crashing
Tears fall  like  rain alashing
In my grasp I believe that my goals can be achieved
Then my Demons are freed and for freedom  I grieve
Beyond the clouds I dance in ecstasy
Then slump and drown in Lethargy
in a world  of perfection them of darkness and rejection
Pendulum my life in which direction will it swing
Will I be a peasant or will I be a king.

@2018 Sarah Strutt

Reproduced with permission


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