Training and Volunteering Opportunities for something a bit special


To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Liverpool Community Radio plans to broadcast on FM for four weeks during May 2017.

There are some great training and volunteering opportunities leading up to and including these four weeks.

LCR will be providing courses for people who have trained with and produced programmes for the station as well as people who have no experience. There will be a minimum of 6 groups (3 community, 2 school and 1 specific – for example), undergoing 10 weeks of training.

Beginners will have the chance to learn how to put together a 1 or 2 hour programme, including scripting and recording. These programmes will be pre-recorded and the courses will run in the first part of next year.

Those with previous experience with LCR will have mentored group training to produce live programmes as well as pre-recorded.

During May 2017, there will be 3 ‘foundation’ live magazine-type programmes each day:

  1. Daily lunchtime programme “The New Big Lunch” – 2 hours broadcasting live, then repeated between 6.00pm and 10.00am.
  2. “The Full English Breakfast” at 8.00-10.00am each day
  3. “Talking Shop” 4.00-6.00pm daily, and repeated overnight.

You can get an idea of the format of the pre-recorded programmes by having a listen on Spreaker – search for ‘LCR Online’ and click ‘Episodes’.

LCR will also be looking for volunteers to fill other roles – not necessarily just in making and presenting programmes (examples would include hospitality – meeting and greeting guests and other ‘behind the scenes’ roles) to help this rather special series of events run smoothly.

If you are interested please contact ‘LCR (Liverpool Community Radio)’.


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