Time to Change Champions Week

Next week, ‘Time to Change’ will be celebrating the work of Time to Change Champions’. There will be a lot of ‘champions’ stories’ posted on Facebook, Twitter, etc, so keep an eye out for them.

I am proud to have been a champion, which I signed up for a couple of years ago. It was in connection with some of the video work I did with ‘Brolly Good Show’ PSS’s drama group from the Umbrella Centre.

It provides a great opportunity to share experiences and coping strategies surrounding mental health issues, in a social climate where funding is being slashed for support groups, alongside a process of keeping those of us with mental illness marginalized and stigmatized.

So I would say please look at the Time To Change website, and the page on how we as champions campaign.

Also check out the Time To Change YouTube Channel.


They have been an inspiration for me, and for many others.

Marc Fraser

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