‘ThinkUp’ – The Power of Positive Affirmation

I have a love/hate relationship with modern technology. On the one hand, I don’t like that we have become so dependent on it, but on the other, the ability to share ideas, and to carry a library of books, videos and music around in our pockets has massive appeal.

In the last couple of years, I’ve found myself embracing the use of technology for assisting with wellbeing. I use a variety of apps on my Android tablet (most of which are also have versions on the iTunes app store), from a range of disciplines – from yogic to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to Chakra Healing, Accupressure, Buddhist, Taoist and so forth. One that has become a firm favourite of mine is called ‘ThinkUp’ – created by Precise Wellness LLC.

Apart from the fact that the app is, for me, very beneficial, the support is just about the best I’ve found for Android apps.

The idea of the app is to play positive affirmations. Whilst there are many apps that do this, the difference is that on this one, you record the affirmations in your own voice. Like many people, I am very self-critical of my recorded voice. I mentioned this in email to Jenny from Precise Wellness, and she commented:

“Actually, this is a very common request and we’re looking into adding a filter to the recording. I know that some users asked from their family/friends/counselor to record the affirmations for them ( as long as it’s a voice your brain trusts, it can be a good solution).” ~ Jenny, ThinkUp

They are always working on tweaks and additional features – and areĀ very responsive to user feedback.

How it works

So how the app works is that you select from a list of categories and tap to ‘add’ them.



Then you go to the ‘record’ page and record the affirmations. (Thankfully if you mess up, as I do frequently, you can re-record them). You can also add your own affirmations.

Record Screen


You can remove suggested affirmations by clicking ‘cancel’ in the categories on the ‘select’ screen, or if you have made your own, swipe left.

You then go to the ‘listen’ page (you can go straight to this if you already have a list of recorded affirmations).

The Listen Screen


You set up the timer, set up background music – there is a selection provided, and I have to say, a better selection if you upgrade to Premium, which has been well worth the cost for me! With the upgrade you can add more user-defined affirmations and you can also add your own music background.

You can, if you want to, also set reminders From the menu (the three horizontal lines in the top left corner).

A final comment from Jenny regarding the use of the app for mental wellbeing:

“We actually have many users who found ThinkUp to be helpful for depression and anxiety. When we started ThinkUp, it was not our initial goal, but we were approached by counselors, and support group facilitators, and we understood that we should add some relevant content by experts and it’s on the way.”

I give the app and the company a big thumbs up – I now use the app first thing every morning, and have been doing so for a few weeks. I already feel that is had an enormous impact on my mental and emotional wellbeing. I am, overall, a lot more positive about my life.

If you are interested in trying it for yourself, it is available on Google Play and the iTunes App Store



One thought on “‘ThinkUp’ – The Power of Positive Affirmation”

  1. Irit Wald says:

    Dear Marc,
    Hope you are doing well today.
    This is Irit From ThinkUp. Thanks for spreading the word about thinkup. I would like to share with you an insight. If you record yourself in a very good day, your brain remembers the moment and will bring you back to the moment while listening. In other words, if you are down and listen to yourself (when recorded on a good day)your brain will pull you out from current struggling and your mood will change fast.
    Thanks again for everything,

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