This week, the government announced the appointment of Tracey Crouch as the new Minister for Loneliness. We spotted this article in which people give different perspectives on loneliness, so we decided to do the same within our group.

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Loneliness is a deep dark hole, it can break your spirit and lead to depression.  You can be lonely in a crowd, so just organising clubs to go to isn’t the answer.  Having caring agencies such as the PSS and Kindred Minds, who encourage people to join in, is.  The staff who work for these agencies realise that it takes time for service users to begin to trust and feel safe within a group, so much patience and encouragement are really needed.

Is the Minister of Loneliness going to re fund current agencies where the government have cut funding?  Is her team specialised in helping services users.  Because if not is this just a new role to make voters feel the government is caring just to regain votes.



Being alone is not the same as being lonely. Sometimes being alone is exactly what we want, and that’s fine. But when being alone becomes a problem, Mind has some practical advice here: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/tips-for-everyday-living/loneliness


Loneliness is such that you can be in the middle of a group of friends laughing and joking, yet feel totally disconnected and isolated Trapped in  your own murky world of misery and sadness. Or you can be on your own, yet yearning for company, for someone to chat to and for some companionship.


For my contribution, I have included two pieces of media: Firstly, an interview with Tony Snell on BBC Radio Merseyside’s Breakfast Show about loneliness and isolation:

Secondly, the video on ‘Isolation’ that I did with ‘Brolly Good Show’, the PSS Umbrella Centre’s drama group:


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