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The Loneliness Experiment - Well Pool

The Loneliness Experiment

Radio 4’s All in the Mind programme (available as a podcast here) recently ran a consultation on loneliness and has made a mini-series presenting ways suggested by the public to help deal with it, with presenter Claudia Hammond and psychologist Pamela Qualter. The suggestions will probably not surprise you, and a few remarks by the psychologist may lead you to wonder if this is meant for people who doubt their social skills or have a small social circle. Even so, if loneliness is a problem for you it could be worth a listen to see if something here will help.

The episodes are:

  1. Distraction – devoting time to hobbies, study or work: here
  2. Taking up new social activities or joining a club: here
  3. Changing your thinking to make it more positive: here
  4. Starting a conversation with someone: here
  5. Talking to Friends or family about your feelings: here
  6. Look for the good in everyone: here
  7. Reflecting on why you feel lonely: here

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