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The Great British Bee Count - Get Involved - Well Pool

The Great British Bee Count – Get Involved

Get out and about in the garden or parks and see if you can identify the different types of bees, click on this link –https://www.foe.co.uk/green-blog/how-identify-bumblebees¬†

Help to spot our bees and help them to pollinate our flowers. Without them we would have no fruit or vegetables. You can help by planting flowers that they like, providing water for them to drink and a nesting site for them. Give them a Bee and Bee so that they have the energy to do all this fabulous work and provide us with lots of delicious food.

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5 thoughts on “The Great British Bee Count – Get Involved”

  1. Tracy Aston says:

    Here here! I am a huge fan of bees and the amazing job they do so I was particularly hurt to be dive-bombed by a bumble bee and their small bee body guard at the weekend! I tried to find out on the internet what was going on (without success), sincerely hoping I hadn’t disturbed its eggs or some such as I was digging up forget-me-nots to get a bed ready for planting more bee-friendly flowers! It did seem, when not dive-bombing me, to be looking for something in the soil. Planting up the bed also took a while as it came back the next day. All I can say is I hope it enjoys the new plants! PS If you can get on BBC iplayer – The Wonder of Bees – a four part series about bee keeping. Fab!

  2. Nicky says:

    Tracy, you might have disrupted its little home, most bees don’t live in hives but in little holes in walls , lawns etc – I was told this by a bee expert!

    1. WellPoolReporter says:

      It’s house would have been under the soil that you were digging and it was attacking you to warn you away from the home.

  3. Katy Joyce says:

    Are wasps important to?

  4. Tracy Aston says:

    Oh no! I’ve made a bee homeless! Oh the shame (she hangs head and denies herself chocolate for two miserable days). but yes, wasps are important too according to an article in the I newspaper recently. They eat shed loads (and that’s a lot) of greenfly and other such beggars that ruin plants (although we all have to eat something don’t we).

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