The Bright Light – A Metaphor for Hope

Welcome to our latest team member, Jo Vick. Posting a poem for the first time.

This is a tribute to service users and the support services they use.

The bright light was calling, calling for a while

But at the first callings, I could not even raise a smile

I was in a bad place, where you would not want to be

And felt it unlikely, to ever be set free

But that bright light kept calling, until one day it was heard

And for some reason, on that day, I was, no longer scared

No longer scared to take a chance, the chance to enter in

To the world of kind people, where my new life would begin

I’d obviously found the right place, I felt such comfort there

I stood upon the precipice, surrounded by great care

I felt my confidence building, apprehension ebbed away

And began to realise that – I could fight another day

But I also realised this, would no longer be a fight

These people were my saviours, they had shown me that bright light

My praise, for such kind input, my praise for them alone

Thanks for all the kindness, to me and others shown

There can be a silver lining, to the sorrows of the past

And there are Special People, designed to make it last

To become part of such a place, that at last feels just like home

Where you’ll remain to help others and you’ll never be alone

It is a miracle life saver of that there is no doubt

My hope for the future – There’ll be more Bright Lights about


Jo Vick

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