Staying positive over the holiday period

Wellpool would like to wish everyone a happy holiday time – whether you are spending it with family, friends, enjoying parties, nice meals…

But in case you aren’t here is a useful article. The holidays can bring sadness to a lot of folks – people remember relatives and friends that are no longer with us, or are ill; other people may be facing illness themselves, or be isolated and vulnerable in other ways. Hopefully some of these tips will help you, or someone you know, if you or they are ‘not feeling it’:

10 Ways to Stay Positive (When You Don’t Feel Like It) During the Holidays

Again if you or someone you know are in crisis don’t be afraid to ask for help. Apart from the normal emergency services for physical crises, MIND have useful links and information for help with mental health issues:

Guides to support for crises

Happy Holidays to all our readers, old and new!



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