Sing Yourself Better

The Well Pool community reporters explored the relationship between singing and well-being by interviewing the singing group at The Avenue, PSS, and its founding member Kate Whitehead. For more information about the group and what other activities happen at The Avenue Project, call 0151 487 9111.


You can download of transcript of this recording here – Sing Yourself better Transcript

2 thoughts on “Sing Yourself Better”

  1. Kate Whitwheas says:

    I guess it seems a bit egocentric but I listened to my comments about the singing group at the Avenue for the first time today. It is true that we all had so much fun and I feel we all benefitted enormously from both our get together, ie the weekly sessions, and the performance. We all felt such a sense of achievement when we performed and it boosted everyone’s confidence. I so miss that singing class and the fun we had but also the bonds we made throughout the time together. I am grateful that I had the opportunity and the pleasure of leading our music group. Perhaps one day we will have it again.

    1. WellPoolReporter says:

      A really nice comment.

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