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Sacred Spaces, Sanctuary - Well Pool

Sacred Spaces, Sanctuary

“Sacred Spaces, Sanctuary is a multi-arts research & development project funded primarily by Arts Council England.”

Sacred Spaces, Sanctuary (the link takes you to the Facebook page) is an interesting project focusing on – as the name implies – sacred spaces and sanctuary.

I am hoping to contribute, along with a couple of others from the Wellpool team to a kind of ‘video wall’ part of the project. And Hayley Trowbridge is involved in co-ordinating the project. Hayley is the person who has been the driving force behind getting the Wellpool team up and running as well as the design and publication of this blog!

Sacred spaces and sanctuary can mean many things to different people. It can refer to religious spaces, churches, mosques, temples, burial places, to natural ‘untouched’ places (which are becoming more and more scarce in today’s world). To me, some of my sacred spaces are reflected in the Marie Curie charity’s ‘Fields of Hope’ and ‘Fields of Remembrance’. In discussion with Hayley, she said that to her, a sacred space was any space shared in good company with good friends…

So it would be interesting to open this one up for discussion. Please use the comments box to tell us about your sacred spaces, our sanctuaries. It’ll be great to hear from you!

Marc Fraser

One thought on “Sacred Spaces, Sanctuary”

  1. Pete says:

    I attended a workshop for the Sacred Spaces & Sanctuary project and it was a great learning experience. The idea I got for my micro film was to go to New Brighton to shoot footage of the huge waves that crash around Fort Perch Rock on a stormy day, however trust my luck that the day I chose to film was a peaceful serene one. So, I had to change the focus of my idea whilst still trying to retain some of the original. I shot quite a bit of film in and around Fort Perch Rock and the shoreline and I’ve been working on editing it for the past week. Finally, I got the micro film I wanted and I’m quite pleased with the outcome, hopefully it will be displayed as part of the larger project on Liverpool Light Night on Friday 13th May at Liverpool Central Library in William Brown Street.

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