Reflections on Wellpool

My involvement with Wellpool began with the initial setup and training for the blog. It has had a massive positive impact on many aspects of my life. I have gone from believing that I was a ‘victim’ of mental illness to being able to share ideas on how to cope with depression and anxiety. It has been great to engage with like-minded people. I have gone from having no idea how my future was going to go, to having the confidence to go into self-employment, working in all aspects that we covered on the training.

I first got involved because I was a very sporadic blogger – it would be months between posts, and the posts were on a wide range of topics. I wanted the experience and discipline of working in a team with a common theme, and hoped that it would help me to post more regularly. It has gone well beyond my expectations. It has helped me gain experience in working with others and socializing as well as learning about the technology of audio, photography, video and posting items. It also taught me a lot of useful information about privacy and online safeguarding.

I have got so much out of it personally, that I would recommend it to others. I have gained the experience I expected and a lot that I didn’t expect. I would say to someone who was considering getting involved that you are almost certain to get more out of it than you think you will.

Marc Fraser

5 thoughts on “Reflections on Wellpool”

  1. Annie says:

    What an amazing sea change in your thinking Marc as a result of getting involved with WellPool!! Of course a lot of it has been down to your commitment and willingness to share you talents and skills with others 🙂

  2. Paddy says:

    I hope you can keep motivating others to follow in your footsteps. Well done and good luck!

  3. Tracy Aston says:

    Great stuff Marc. What a great learning curve and development for you. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Dave says:

    Well done Marc. It’s great to see how much passion people have with stories like yours. I’m sure your journey will be successful and exciting.

  5. Richard. Adamson says:

    You are a help and inspiration to me Marc with your humour and humility and honesty, the 4 H’s!

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