Reaffirming Creativity

I came across this article the other day, and as a passionate believer in the value of creativity to mental health, I thought I’d post it here.

The Time to Embrace Creativity is Now…

The time in my life that was marked by a complete lack of creativity, was the time that depression hit me hard. I had been a musician, a composer – largely putting sound to theatrical performance. Taking that away marked a period in my life where I felt valueless, however inaccurate that self-perception was.

Conversely, finding creativity through photography, music, design and other work and hobbies were instrumental (pardon the pun) in my recover.

As Ms Hahn says in this article, creativity is our nature – even going back to the birth of civilization (who thought of all those tools that evolved into tools and gadgets we now take for granted? for example).

I can highly recommend the article as a great read. Even if you are a doodler, a creative cook, inventor – it doesn’t matter how or what you create, it’s in our blood.


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