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The PSS Umbrella Reading Group At The Brolly. - Well Pool

The PSS Umbrella Reading Group At The Brolly.



Another Tuesday seeing my fab friends and also greeting staff as I sign in.  Then one of the members choose a story which is always good but we do have iffy ones!  We read a few pages and then discuss what it’s really about.  We have a few readers, have chairs in a circle which is cosy and very intimate.


One story was about a husband who was cheating on his wife.  She found invitations for both of them but he never asked her as he had his mistress with him.  I think he suppressed her until her confidence was shaken.

We do enjoy our reading group.  I also think our stories reflect our lives as we all suffer with mental health problems.

Angela Davidson.


2 thoughts on “The PSS Umbrella Reading Group At The Brolly.”

  1. Elsa Katy says:

    A cracking first blog Angela. I too enjoy the cosy, intimacy of the Reading Group. Great discussions and lots of laughs. Hope you will submit more blogs.

  2. Marc says:

    Great post Angela! I used to enjoy the reading group at the PSS Umbrella Centre when I was able to get there.

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