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The Loan Shark - Well Pool

The Loan Shark

Take a loan from me, I’ll fleece you all I can

Miss a payment, makes me a rich man.

You thought you were poor before you met me,

I’ll make you poorer and poorer, you’ll see.

You were desperate for a loan,

You took one from me, don’t moan.

You accepted my extortionate interest rates,

I am not in this business to make mates.

Miss a payment and you’ll owe me a lot more.

I’ll come to your house and bang on your door.

Miss two payments, I’ll have the key to your house

I am a loan shark , I’m a louse.

You’ll be scared and try to avoid me.

I’ll come to your house and you’ll make me a cup of tea.

I’ll bring a big van and strip your house of all your goods,

But don’t think you are out of the woods.

I prey on people like you,

Take advantage of the more and more desperate few

I am a loan shark, that’s my job

To make your life a misery, to get my few bob.

I’ll prey on your family and friends.

You’re in debt with me, it never ends

I’ll put you in hell then you will shout

I am reporting you, I want to get out.

~John Hughes

©2018, John Hughes

Reproduced with permission.