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St John's Beacon - Well Pool

St John’s Beacon












Looking up at St John’s Beacon

Sitting outside a caff,

I had images of it falling down.

I told myself, “Don’t be daft.”


Lately, I’ve been feeling sad and down.

This feeling won’t go away, it’s here to stay.

Every time I go to Town, I see that beacon.

It’s going to fall down, on this day.


A fly landed in my coffee.

I just watched it as it drowned.

I looked up at the beacon,

Is it crumbling, and falling down?


I stood up, to leave the café,

I realised I’d sat on some chewing gum.

I’ve got to get away from that beacon.

I’m feeling more and more sad and glum.


I’d like to go back to that café,

Look up at the beacon reaching to the sky,

Admire it, and think how strong and positive it looks

And have no tears or fear in my eye.


If a fly landed in my coffee

I’d scoop it out and cry

“You cheeky f and b!”

Look up at the beacon, then kill the fly.


I’d check my seat before I sat down,

Because today,  I’m happy, I don’t want to frown.

I’d order another coffee,

Look up at the St John’s Beacon, smile knowing it won’t fall down.


~John Hughes.

©2018 John Hughes.

Reproduced with permission.

(Photograph Chris Bell.)