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Quick Poem for Mental Health Day - Well Pool

Quick Poem for Mental Health Day

I’m getting off, she’s obviously cracked!

You can’t know that! Give her a chance.

It’s easy to make assumptions about Mental Health.

You can’t judge, look at yourself.

You can talk, you friggin’ nutter!

I like marg, I can’t believe it’s not butter.

You only said that cos it rhymes with nutter.

p…p….people think i’m m..m..m..mad cos I’ve got a s..s.. stutter.

Psycho, bipolar,bonkers, schizophrenic!

I prefer mad, it’s more generic, and I thought bipolar was a bear that swings both ways?

Yeah you would, in your ignorant fearful haze,

If I had cancer, I’d find you all empathetic.

But it’s an ailment of the mind, so you’re all gutless, pathetic!

Mental Illness is STILL a taboo, and for a myriad of reasons – it could happen to you!