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Joe Blogs - Well Pool

Joe Blogs

Welcome to the WellPool blog,
For some, like me, it’s been a technophobic slog,
But we’ve come through, with Hayley’s guidance,Showed us, it’s not rocket science.

Kindred Minds, PSS – it’s up to us, to do the rest,
Blog and share some Splendid Things,
Open you mind, spread your blogging wings!

Blog your feelings, top tips and events,
Blog your stories, heartfelt or intense,You can be with others, when you’re alone,
On the bus, or on the couch at home.

So log into the WellPool blog,
It’s live now, not such a slog!
So easy now, is this blogging…
And you don’t have to go to Camp Hill, with Dot and Anne…In the bushes… dogging.

Phil Seery

(A poem reflecting on the Well Pool community reporters project).