A Poem To Celebrate World Poetry Day 21st March 2018

This is a poem to celebrate World Poetry Day which was on 21st March. I did invite others on our Facebook page to share their own poems; alas, nobody took up the offer.

The poem was originally submitted to a Twitter poetry group #SenseWrds who set the prompt words: ‘Hereafter’ ‘Overcome’ ‘Beyond’ for inspiration.

I think that anyone living with mental health distress will relate to the poem. Especially during times of remission, when the darkness shifts slightly and a new light, however dim begins to dawn bringing the sweet promise of  recovery.  I hope they will see it as a positive message of hope.


Not one to surrender,

Succumb or stay down.

Move on, move forward,

Keep swimming, don’t drown.

Survival’s a mantra,

Now and always.

Guiding her forth,

The rest of her days.


~Elsa McShane