Passive Stress

During our fortnightly discussion and blogging group last Thursday, we got talking about the effects of being close to someone with mental or chronic illness – whether it’s a family member, a workmate, friend, partner or anyone you have some close interaction with.

The danger of being in this situation is that whilst you take on some responsibility for those close to you, you could end up neglecting your own well-being, with sometimes devastating results to your own health.

One of the team talked about a complex family relationship, which whilst not a close loving relationship, made the person feel responsible, inadequate, and ultimately guilty.

If you are looking out for a friend or partner, you want them to be as well as possible and when they are not, those feelings of inadequacy and guilt can have a crushing effect.

We then posed the question:

“Is there enough support for carers, family members, and others in any kind of relationship with someone who is ill?”

We started researching what is available locally here in Liverpool and also nationally. We were surprised at what we started to find.


There is a lot of support, it’s just a matter of finding it. We decided to take it away and do some home research and blog about our findings next time we meet up. I think it will be an interesting item to look forward to!

We hope you’ll come back and see in two weeks – maybe join the discussion on the subject.




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