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Out and About - Well Pool

Out and About

Getting out and about is great for well-being, as the experts tell us. But what constitutes being out and about varies from person to person. We decided to share our ideas on this, and then we have some contributions from our readers.

There are so many ways to get out and about. With cultural events such as museums, theatre, cinema, libraries, adult education, musical groups, amateur dramatics. There are groups for pretty much anything you are interested in. There is a very good group for PSS service users called Culture Vultures, who make a point of going to various events together. Also, we at Kindred Minds run various cultural and leisure activities. If you are interested in finding out more about these, drop us an email.

Other activities to get out and about are many sports activities such as bowls, bowling, football, etc, and activities such as dog walking, hiking, cycling. And for those that don’t necessarily want to go too far from home, gardening is said to be very therapeutic.

In Liverpool, we are very lucky to have so much going on in the city itself, but the countryside is a stone’s throw away.

Here are some user contributions:

Bailey the Labrador, by Veronica Hughes

We were joined by Bailey the Labrador at our last kindred minds board meeting. Here he is catching up with Denise, Kindred Minds Project Development Worker, and making everyone smile.

My dog, Bailey, helps me, as he is gentle and almost like a guide dog with just his instinct. And he is protective, lots of barking when someone knocks.He loves to chase the ball, so you only have to go to put washing out, or stuff in the bin. And he has got the ball dropped in front of you to throw. You just have to down tools, his glee shows all on his face, and bendy ears, flickering. Usually night times we walk outside when it is quiet I like to let him have a little run on the field, call him back too like a naughty pup!

Veronica Hughes

A Few Days in Skipton, North Yorkshire by Corinne Jones

These are pictures of Skipton Castle’s wood walk, a wicker work lady with a bow, a water fall and part of the trail round the castle walls. No graffiti, no rubbish, just wild flowers, gurgling water, carvings, trees and peace, the sun shone and I came across some friendly people with their dog. Sometimes walking through nature is the best way to clear my head and relax.

Corinne Jones

Corinne also wrote a poem, which you can find here in the Creativity Corner

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