My Wellpool Experience

I have just completed a 10 week blogging course at the Croissant of Inequality.

My main objective was to connect socially with other people, share experiences and hopefully learn new technology skills.

I was looking forward to learning something new but Individually I thought it may be difficult for me to connect with new people, because it had been a long time since I had attended any courses.

I was glad I attended. The experienced and friendly staff made me feel welcome, and being able to share my experiences with other members of the group who were lovely and made me feel at home and were great fun to be with.

Attending the sessions helped me learn new skills and socialise better, it also made me feel more confident about meeting new people.

During the course I learnt how to do blogging, download pictures and up load them to the Wellpool website. I also learnt how to create videos and edit audio.

I really enjoyed the Wellpool course and was glad I attended. Looking back I would say don’t be afraid of being alone. I am glad I made the effort to go. You will meet friendly experienced staff and people on the course who you can share experiences with. Learning new skills which was great, but meeting other new friends was brilliant and gave me more confidence.

I would like to get further involved with the Wellpool team, because I enjoyed the experience and learnt new skills but it depends on my other commitments.

Ronnie Jamieson



One thought on “My Wellpool Experience”

  1. Annie says:

    It is good to hear Ronnie that the move to the Croissant of Inequality has been a positive one. You seem to have got a lot out of the course and its all about making connections with others which is great and something we all need 🙂

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