My Experience of WellPool

I took a huge step the day I first went along to my first Wellpool Blogging Session but I am so glad that I took that step. From being a virtual recluse who wouldn’t leave the safety and security of my home I have learnt that I actually enjoy making friends and being around other people.

I came with the idea that I wanted to learn more about blogging and community reporting and to learn some techie skills as I feel as though I have been left behind by the digital revolution

The course helped me to achieve these objectives but I gained so much more in ways that were totally unexpected.

The regular sessions gave me a chance to meet up with others, to learn new skills together and to share our stories. And what stories they were! We were able to share our life experiences, our dreams for the future and voice our concerns for the way society is evolving and how cruel and uncaring “Man” can be to the planet and his fellow man. We discovered that we had a mutual concern for the homeless and decided that that would be the topic of our film. We had great fun filming our voxpops with members of our families and volunteers at the Croissant of Inequality who kindly allowed themselves to be our guinea pigs. We were shy showing our results and wondered how we would make it into a film but with our newly acquired editing skills and lots of support from Hayley we were able to produce a film we were all proud of.

Looking back I feel very positive for the future and have loads of happy memories, and, yes I feel sad that the course has come to an end. However I believe some lovely friendships have been forged and Iook forward to becoming more involved with the WellPool blog. I would encourage others to come along, to leave their fears behind especially as this is such a supportive and non-judgmental community.

I am very excited that the WellPool group has evolved from being mostly about media and techie stuff to also being more about a safe place for those seeking to improve their health and wellbeing. I am very positive and excited about the new challenges that lie ahead.

Elsa McShane

2 thoughts on “My Experience of WellPool”

  1. Annie says:

    Another great post from a relatively new WellPool person. Do the positive benefits of WellPool have no limits?? Good to hear about the breadth of your discussions during the course and that you are excited to stay involved. Watch this space…:)

  2. Paddy says:

    It seems as though you have had a life changing experience, I am sure you will overcome those challenges and continue to influence others with your passion.

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