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Moments of Joy - Well Pool

Moments of Joy

What is a moment of joy for you? Is it when you really notice things, the ordinary beauty of the everyday? Or is memories of particularly joyous time? Or is it simple, when things go perfectly? Whatever joy is for you, we know these moments are fleeting and should be cherished for the laughter and goodness they give us. The WellPool team discussed their moments of joy… and here’s a few of them!

Sometimes you might see or hear something that takes you back to a happy moment or memory. One of our team told us how the song ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ took them back to a happy family holiday, with someone else similarly saying that ‘San Francisco’ took them back to holidays spent at Butlins. Another member of our team spoke about how sometimes when they are walking around they suddenly look up and really see the world around them and all of its beauty. They find these moments, when they are really connected to the place they are in, to be joyous.

Our team also had a chuckle about how other people’s mild misfortunes make us giggle… and also how our own do! One member of the team told a story from their school days about how a friend fell over whilst playing the infamous ‘All Across’ game, only to seemingly fall in slow motion and scream before hitting the floor. Until this day, the memory brings back the giggles but with the only damage done being a bruised ego and a little scuffing of the knee, no harm was really done. Similarly, our own misfortunes remind us to laugh at ourselves occasionally and see our own, flawed humanity. Falling over on an icy road in front on cars was one memory someone had, and another member of the team recalled a moment that they saw an attractive young woman and as they got closer somehow managed to do the splits… needing assistance from the young lady in question to get back on their feet!

As you can see, there are many was of experiencing joy and different people find joy in different things. Hopefully these moments of joy brought a smile to your face, and if this post has tickled you, why don’t you share your moment of joy with us by commenting below?

4 thoughts on “Moments of Joy”

  1. Nicky says:

    I giggle at silly things too. One worker at The Umbrella Centre who shalt not be named, answered the office phone saying ‘Good morning BBC, can I help you?’ Random silliness!

  2. WellPoolReporter says:

    Ha ha that would have me confused and then laughing hard! (and now of course I’m wondering which worker…)

  3. Paddy says:

    There is so much beauty and inspiration in everyday occurrences and happenings that so often goes unnoticed. Its great to be reminded of these treasures and to cherish them when we can. They are indeed indispensable to our well being, I call it being in ‘Awe of the Ordinary’.

  4. Becca says:

    I think for me, my joyous moments are when I’m with a group of trusted friends and we’re all happy. Some moments are with family… I’ve found that it’s usually when I’m not alone.

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