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'MindCare' - An App for Monitoring AND Aiding Wellbeing - Well Pool

‘MindCare’ – An App for Monitoring AND Aiding Wellbeing

A while ago, I did some posts highlighting some great apps that are available for monitoring and enhancing wellbeing.  They are listed under Apps for well-being 1, Apps…2, Apps…3 and ThinkUp. Of course, technology moves on so fast, and new apps and approaches are developed regularly, so I thought it was worth updating with some more that I’ve discovered in recent weeks.

One great monitoring and advice app is ‘MindCare’, developed by Blue Bird Technologies:

“Blue Bird Technologies is the company behind MindCare‘ We are a small team devoted to developing products that can help others improve their mental health.”

There are apps available that monitor wellbeing, and others that give wellbeing advice. But where this one differs is that it does both.

I’ve been using the app daily for about a month now, and have found it extremely helpful. The app will post reminders to ‘check in’ in the notification area of your phone or tablet several times a day. The only problem with that is that if you are having a particularly bad day, you may not really notice positive changes in mood.

However, by linking activities to mood states, over time, I am picking up on activities that may cause dips in mood, or more importantly activities that increase wellbeing. So if you have enough motivation to look back over your monitoring when you are in a low emotional state, you could pick an activity that has improved your wellbeing.

When I am experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety, there is a useful ‘Quick Help’ section which is also a huge plus.”


At the moment, the app is only available on Android, but an iOS version is being developed at the moment. If you would like to receive notification of when it is available, there is a link to register your email here.

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