Liverpool’s First Mad Pride Event.

On Sunday, 3rd April, Liverpool Mental Health Consortium and Threshold Festival teamed up to put on the first ‘Mad Pride’ event in the area. Threshold Festival itself has been running, successfully, for six years now, so it was great to have this within the context of an established and well-attended event. Throughout the afternoon there were silk screen workshops, face painting, lantern making and head and hand massage.

The afternoon got off to an energetic start with ‘Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5’. These were amazing – full of fun and had almost everybody up on their feet dancing. I can highly recommend them for the feelgood factor.

After such a lively start, momentum was kept going with an open mic event with some of Liverpool’s very talented poets standing up and doing their stuff.

The Mad Hatter’s Performance Cabaret Party, compered by the inimitable Andy Kerr, featured performances from Cabaret from the Shadows, our good friends, Brolly Good Show, and more.

The event ended with a Mad Pride Parade with the lanterns that had been made during the afternoon – to the excellent drumming skills of ‘Katumba’

All in all, as a sometime performing participant, and other times part of the ‘crowd’, it was a great event to be at. Here’s to many more!

Marc Fraser

2 thoughts on “Liverpool’s First Mad Pride Event.”

  1. Pete, Broĺly Good Show says:

    It was a brilliant day at MadPride, I had a great time. I was a bit concerned prior to the event about age range as being an old fogie you do wonder if you would be made welcome. As I found I was concerned for no reason as the age range was from 0 to 80, with everyone enjoying themselves carefree.
    Brolly Good Show had three performances and so we were part of the event. Our work was warmly received and we had some great feedback. Getting into drama and performance is one of the best decisions I’ve made and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of joining in.

  2. WellPoolReporter says:

    You got some good pics of an excellent event, I think I spotted myself in the crowd on one with Col Mustard and Co. It was an excellent start to the day, by the time of the parade I was in fancy dress and ready to rock, on the video if you are quick you can spot a figure wearing ears, that’s me. Been inspired to write about it on my own blog Richard Adamson

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