Liverpool Ramblers FREE walks over Christmas

Don’t be alone over the Christmas period from Monday 19th December 2016 to Tuesday 3rd January 2017 . You can get out and about, meet new people, all for FREE. A walk every day except Christmas Day for two weeks. You will be out in the fresh air, see the beauty of nature in Winter, you might want to take some bird seed to feed local birds in the parks etc. You will feel better and sleep better even if you do a couple of the walks, you don’t have to do all of them, just do what you think you can manage. If you feel nervous going alone, you could meet up with a friend and go along together or take your dog or the children and collect fir cones to decorate when you get home. You might like to take photographs of beautiful scenery that you come across while walking. You could then post them on our website and say whether it was enjoyable, what you saw, who you met etc…..

All details are detailed-list

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