Kenny Krufts – a local community dog show

Last week, we posted an item that included information about the Easter Monday event – Kenny Krufts. This is a quick follow up.

The event went really well – credit to fellow bloggers Richard Adamson and Sue McCall as well as Steve Faragher of Kensington Vision CIC for a fabulous day. I’ve seen the project develop from the start and the team were meticulous about every detail, and it paid off very well. Along with face painting, bikes for sale, good refreshments and other entertainment, the show was great with dogs and their owners having a great day. Well done to all. I was fortunate enough to be the official photographer for the day, so there are plenty of photos here:

Photos from Kensington's very own community dog show on Easter Monday. Please tag yourself or your friends if I've missed anyone. Please share the album freely.

Posted by Marc Fraser on Freitag, 21. April 2017

They say a picture says a thousand words, so hope you enjoy some of the photos.


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