Feelings About The WellPool Blogging Course

I have just completed the 10 week WellPool blogging course which has been running at the Croissant of Inequality in Kensington. Before coming on the course I would never have had the confidence to walk into a group by myself, I am so glad i took that first terrifying step! The course itself has been full of information about blogging, audio and visual techniques, but it became apparent very early on that the course was evolving into a group of people who were supportive to each other and very concerned with the whole groups wellbeing.

I initially became involved because the course came with a recommendation and I was at a time in my life were I needed to meet new people. I found parts of the course very challenging but there was always lots of help. The difficult parts of the course definitely brought me out of my comfort zone, but that in itself, has been an important part of my journey of growth.

Apart from the technical aspects of the course, there was a lot of support from the group about life issues we were all experiencing, in my case my Mums diagnosis of dementia, and subsequent stroke. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and would say to anyone – get involved, there is nothing to lose only gains to be made, and chances are you will meet great supportive people who will become your friends, and have a lot of fun along the way.

I am hoping that we can go on from this course to other things in the future. Thank you WellPool!!!


Sue McCall

One thought on “Feelings About The WellPool Blogging Course”

  1. Tracy Aston says:

    That’s a really encouraging article Sue. And shows how useful it is to notice what we need at different times in our lives.

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