Exploring Mental Health – Time To Talk

It’s #TimeToTalk people.

The #TimeToTalk campaign advocates talking about mental health as we talk about other topics The campaigns’ key message is that conversations change lives. The WellPool team hope that the conversations in our sessions and those that happen online with this blog contribute to this stigma-reducing activity throughout the year. Take Elsa’s post on the Sacred Circle for example, in it she explores her shifting perspective and her route to accepting herself, and have a read of the WellPool teams ‘Moments of Joy‘ post that explore positive moments of wellbeing.

If written blogs aren’t your thing, here’s a video produced by NHS Stockport that explores what mental health is, and local service provision for that area. There’s some good points in it about the impact of mental health on physical health and triggers for mental health issues, so have a look. The video is signed and subtitled.

So, let’s get talking and sharing our experiences of wellbeing and mental health – online or offline! Or simply take the time to ask those in our lives ‘How are you?’ and really listen to what they say.


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