Easter – Impressions and an Event

During our fortnightly discussion and blogging group at the Croissant of Inequality, we talked about Easter, what we would be doing and an event that is happening on Easter Monday, put on by Kensington Vision and Pets and Pals.

We did this as audio recordings. Here they are reduced to two Soundcloud posts.

Bear in mind that the recordings were done in the Croissant café, so there is some ‘ambient’ sound. First up is an interview with Steve Faragher of Kensington Vision and Richard Adamson of Pets and Pals about ‘Kenny Krufts” – a local community dog show.

Next we asked each other what we thought of Easter, what we would be doing and such like.

This is a mashup of the interviews. Participants are Elsa McShane, Sue McCall, Marc Fraser, Corinne Jones, Paul Trembath and Richard Adamson.

If you can get along to the dog show, it promises to be a lot of fun for the family – doesn’t matter if you have a dog or not!

However you are spending the long weekend, hopefully you can take the opportunity to relax, enjoy yourself and stay safe and well.

Happy Easter from the team.

Next discussion/blogging session is in 2 weeks (Thursday, 28th April) at the Croissant of Inequality. It’s open to all and there is a free cup of what may just be the best coffee in Liverpool in the café.

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