Drumming Entertainment for Fun, Health and Wellbeing with Katumba

One of the features of depression and anxiety is the emotional inability to go out. Add agoraphobia into the equation and the fear of leaving home is increased. The bright side of acceptance and coping for me was a kind of rebirth. Now, usually led by the camera, I find myself going out to all sorts of events, parades, carnivals, gigs – and each with a fresh sense of adventure.

I now look forward to the Summer events in Sefton Park her ein Liverpool – especially Africa Oyé, which was on this last weekend (18-19th June). I stayed for a lot of Saturday, but Sunday it rained quite persistently and I went home and added a waterproof (underwater) camera case to my ‘wishlist’. But not before I saw ‘Katumba’ perform on the maainstage there.

I have seen this fantastic group of drummers a few times now, and each time they seem to gain more and more energy – and the enjoyment they display in performing is infectious!

They are prompting for new members now. Sadly, because of some physical health issues I have, I’ve missed that boat somewhat, but if you feel like doing something fun, energetic and something that will be great exercise, and do wonders for well-being (if it appeals to you and you are able to), why not get in touch with them. As for me, as a keen photographer and music and events lover, I’m happy to be there, enjoy the vibe and take pictures – that promotes my well-being!

Their website is here, with a form to contact them on:


There are also videos on the site – so you can see how dynamic their performances are.

Even if you aren’t able to join the troupe, or prefer to watch and enjoy – they are well worth seeing!


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