Does Spring put a spring in your step?

So, the sun is out (kind of)…at least momentarily and when its not being eclipsed…the birds seem to be chirping that bit louder and sweeter, and the flowers are beginning to bloom…This all must mean one thing – “Spring is here!”. Well, does all that joy put a spring in your step? Or do you immediately start pining for dark nights in with a hot chocolate in your own Winter wonderland? Share your thoughts on whether Spring is the pick-me-up many say that it is…

One thought on “Does Spring put a spring in your step?”

  1. Nicky says:

    Spring is my favourite season, it’s just full of hope. Being a keen gardener, I start seeing the fruits of all my hard work. So I appreciate the beautiful spring days of blue skies and birdsong,I take a walk in the park or time out in my garden, I find it so good for my soul.

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