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Deskercise - Well Pool


Many of us – bloggers as well as readers – lead sedentary lives. If you have a mental illness such as depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, etc. the illness can practically put you under house arrest. From my experience, and I don’t think I’m alone in this, you spend your time sitting and brooding. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a home gym, or do some other form of home-based exercise, the sedentary life can easily cause additional physical and mental health problems.

So I was fortunate enough to be sent the link from totaljobs with some simple exercises you can do in the workplace and in the home. It can be very beneficial to take a few minutes to do a bit of stretching, moving, etc.

See the full set of exercises here:

6 ‘deskercises’ you can do at work

These are actually quite similar to exercises you will be shown on Pain Management Programmes as well. They are very gentle, and adaptable.

I’ve already found them helpful – I hope you might too!


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