My Wellpool Experience

I have just completed a 10 week blogging course at the Croissant of Inequality. My main objective was to connect socially with other people, share experiences and hopefully learn new technology skills. I was looking forward to learning something new but Individually I thought it may be difficult for me…

My Experience of WellPool

I took a huge step the day I first went along to my first Wellpool Blogging Session but I am so glad that I took that step. From being a virtual recluse who wouldn’t leave the safety and security of my home I have learnt that I actually enjoy making…

Feelings About The WellPool Blogging Course

I have just completed the 10 week WellPool blogging course which has been running at the Croissant of Inequality in Kensington. Before coming on the course I would never have had the confidence to walk into a group by myself, I am so glad i took that first terrifying step!…

Ronnie & Sue discuss climate change

This is a new recording from the Wellpool blog, from Ronnie & Sue. You can download a transcript here: ClimateChangeTranscript

Elsa and Patrick discuss wellbeing – audio

This is an audio recording from the latest Wellpool blogging course by Elsa and Patrick. Edited by Elsa. You can download a transcript here: WellbeingTranscript

Wellpool Blogging Course Photos

Here is a selection of photos, which were taken during the second session of the current Wellpool Blogging Course. The weather was just plain nasty, so we took most of them inside the Croissant of Inequality, which is the course venue. Well done to the participants, Ronnie, Robert and Elsa…

i-Well – A Digital Wellbeing Course

Here’s an interesting new course coming soon.

Moments of Joy

What is a moment of joy for you? Is it when you really notice things, the ordinary beauty of the everyday? Or is memories of particularly joyous time? Or is it simple, when things go perfectly? Whatever joy is for you, we know these moments are fleeting and should be…

Wellpool Bloggers’ Course

Another course coming very soon – don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to join the team.

Well-Pool Celebration and Certificate Ceremony

Today we celebrated the latest members of the Well-Pool team with a presentation of their well-deserved certificates and Community Reporters’ Badges. Here are a few photos from the day. Certificates were presented by Lesley Dixon, Chief Executive of PSS. The event was hosted by PSS in their main office building.

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