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Outdoor Archives - Well Pool

Out and About

Getting out and about is great for well-being, as the experts tell us. But what constitutes being out and about varies from person to person. We decided to share our ideas on this, and then we have some contributions from our readers. There are so many ways to get out…

Beekeeping with PSS

A group of PSS service users and staff got together for a beekeeping course, some of us had already completed a course with certification and this was a refresher course and others were newcomers to the world of bee’s. We spent time going over the life cycle of bees, the…

Granby Street Market – Creating Well-Being for a Community.

If you’re at a loose end tomorrow (Saturday, 5th August 2017), and you are in the South Liverpool area, why not have a look at Granby Street Market. It’s a great example of how a community pulls together and creates a monthly event for the people and by the people….

Liverpool Ramblers FREE walks over Christmas

Don’t be alone over the Christmas period from Monday 19th December 2016 to Tuesday 3rd January 2017 . You can get out and about, meet new people, all for FREE. A walk every day except Christmas Day for two weeks. You will be out in the fresh air, see the…

Not long left to Count the Bees

Wow! The Great British Bee Count has caused a right old buzz. Thousands of people have already spotted over 300,000 bees, from the common carder bee to hairy-footed flower bee. There’s still time to join the Great British Bee Count. Download the free app today. So many people are bee-spotting…

Drumming Entertainment for Fun, Health and Wellbeing with Katumba

One of the features of depression and anxiety is the emotional inability to go out. Add agoraphobia into the equation and the fear of leaving home is increased. The bright side of acceptance and coping for me was a kind of rebirth. Now, usually led by the camera, I find…

The Great British Bee Count – Get Involved

Get out and about in the garden or parks and see if you can identify the different types of bees, click on this link –https://www.foe.co.uk/green-blog/how-identify-bumblebees  Help to spot our bees and help them to pollinate our flowers. Without them we would have no fruit or vegetables. You can help by…

Sefton Park

The changing scenery in Sefton Park, by Susan.

The Lake District

A story about the Lake District. Photo by Stacey MacNaught