Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2017

A fab festival which was open to all, individuals and families alike.   There were many events over the two weeks in approximately 40 venues, starting with a┬áComedy Night at 81 Renshaw Street on Sunday, 1 October, a really good event that had us all laughing in the aisles, with…

Kindred Minds Office Warming

This is an open invitation to Kindred Minds’ new office and a great opportunity to meet the team who have pushed for Wellpool’s set up, maintenance and progress. Do come along and say hello, bring a friend or two.

Granby Street Market – Creating Well-Being for a Community.

If you’re at a loose end tomorrow (Saturday, 5th August 2017), and you are in the South Liverpool area, why not have a look at Granby Street Market. It’s a great example of how a community pulls together and creates a monthly event for the people and by the people….

Tree House Liverpool

A group of residents living near Newsham Park in Fairfield, Liverpool have formed themselves into a group initially started around their love of the local park. They put on an event on Saturday (29th May 2017), which was well-attended and, for me, very inspiring (I’m sure I’m not alone in…

Kenny Krufts – a local community dog show

Last week, we posted an item that included information about the Easter Monday event – Kenny Krufts. This is a quick follow up. The event went really well – credit to fellow bloggers Richard Adamson and Sue McCall as well as Steve Faragher of Kensington Vision CIC for a fabulous…

Easter – Impressions and an Event

During our fortnightly discussion and blogging group at the Croissant of Inequality, we talked about Easter, what we would be doing and an event that is happening on Easter Monday, put on by Kensington Vision and Pets and Pals. We did this as audio recordings. Here they are reduced to…

New Reporter Certification

Our new reporters received their certificates today which were presented by Nicky McGovern from PSS Wellbeing Centres. We all had a lovely time, good food and cakes that we couldn’t wait to eat.

Mad Pride 2017

Mad Pride is back again this year! If you missed it last year it was a great event with ‘Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5’ providing the headline musical act. There was poetry, performance from some class cabaret and drama acts and the event ended with a parade – all…

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