Informal Training Session – Photography Skills

Next week – please register if you want to come along!

Kindred Minds Office Warming

This is an open invitation to Kindred Minds’ new office and a great opportunity to meet the team who have pushed for Wellpool’s set up, maintenance and progress. Do come along and say hello, bring a friend or two.

Granby Street Market – Creating Well-Being for a Community.

If you’re at a loose end tomorrow (Saturday, 5th August 2017), and you are in the South Liverpool area, why not have a look at Granby Street Market. It’s a great example of how a community pulls together and creates a monthly event for the people and by the people….

Passive Stress – Part 2

This is the follow on from 2 weeks ago looking at support that is available for friends and family of people with mental and/or chronic illness. We were surprised at how much support is actually available. There are many web sites with links to national and local support, so the…

Kindred Minds – Freelance Opportunity

ADVERTISEMENT FOR  A FREELANCE OPPORTUNITY  KINDRED MINDS IS SEEKING A SESSIONAL ACTIVITY CO-ORDINATOR Position:      Sessional Activity Co-ordinator Fee:                £10 per hr. x 8 hrs. average per wk. over the period Mid May 2017 to beginning of March 2018 – summary 315 hrs for £3150 contract sum Hours:  …

‘Find A Therapist’ Directory

I made a connection with someone on Twitter who has set up an international directory of therapists. This is such a useful resource, especially if you are facing mental illness alone, or a loved one is facing mental illness and you don’t know where to turn. When we spoke via Twitter,…

Liverpool Ramblers FREE walks over Christmas

Don’t be alone over the Christmas period from Monday 19th December 2016 to Tuesday 3rd January 2017 . You can get out and about, meet new people, all for FREE. A walk every day except Christmas Day for two weeks. You will be out in the fresh air, see the…

Talk Radio

  There is a government program aimed at challenging  the stigma of mental health that has been running for several years now called Time to Change . It is run by two of the main national mental health charities,  Rethink and Mind. The thrust of the program is to encourage…

Wellpool Blogging Course Photos

Here is a selection of photos, which were taken during the second session of the current Wellpool Blogging Course. The weather was just plain nasty, so we took most of them inside the Croissant of Inequality, which is the course venue. Well done to the participants, Ronnie, Robert and Elsa…

Liverpool Mental Health Festival Apprecieated.

Lovely write-up about the Liverpool Mental Health Festival – have a look. Liverpool Mental Health Festival A Huge Success We are very lucky in Merseyside to have this, and to have the positive response from people involved and those enjoying the events on offer.  

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