What is happiness?

What does happiness mean to you? We asked a few local people this question and here’s what they told us. For some, it seems, the more you have, the more you get. Others think it’s a personality trait. It certainly seems to be something that motivates us to connect with…

Grab Good Grub

A fist full of Snickers is not the way to go if you want to eat healthily. But if you do find yourself overcome with temptation, then don’t worry you are not alone. Have a listen to what some people from Liverpool had to say about their attempts to eat…

Beyond Recovery (Wirral)

We have met with Wellpool several times in Liverpool through the Mental Health Consortium. We are always keen to meet with other local mental health groups and learn about their ways of working.  They have kindly asked us to say a little about who we are. Beyond Recovery is an…

Informal Training Sessions coming soon

Just a reminder that our informal training sessions begin soon – dates and times are on the poster above. Spaces are limited to 10 per session, so please book using the Kindred Minds email address (as on the poster) or the Wellpool email address at: wellpoolblog@gmail.com    

Out of the Comfort Zone

In the first of our fortnightly ‘Talk and Blog’ sessions on Thursday, we discussed what it means to step out of the comfort zone. One of the key instructions in stress control management is ‘Face your Fears’ (as taught in the course put together by Dr Jim White). It is,…

Discussion/Blogging Workshops

We are running a series of workshops at the Croissant of Inequality to discuss issues around wellbeing and generate new posts for the blog. They are going to be much more focussed on discussion than the technology of blogging, so they are more informal than the courses and sessions we…

New Reporter Certification

Our new reporters received their certificates today which were presented by Nicky McGovern from PSS Wellbeing Centres. We all had a lovely time, good food and cakes that we couldn’t wait to eat.

Health and Wellbeing Through the Eyes of a Teenager

Below is a short sub-titled film on ways to achieve health and wellbeing through some simple steps.  This short animation was made by Rochdale teenagers with animation company Kilogramme.

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