New Year, New You.

Well, it’s already the second week in January!  Can you believe it?  I know I can’t.  So hands up!   Who’s already broken a new year resolution?  Or maybe you didn’t even bother to make any.  Either way, it doesn’t really matter because guess what dear reader? You are a work in…

Read For Rapture.

The power of reading has proven benefits. Long term, feel good chemicals serotonin, GABA and oxytocin are all released when engaged with a good book. So rag rumination and pick up a good book for wellbeing. Boost the benefits and get out to a fab environment, bright, warm and thousands…

Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2017

A fab festival which was open to all, individuals and families alike.   There were many events over the two weeks in approximately 40 venues, starting with a Comedy Night at 81 Renshaw Street on Sunday, 1 October, a really good event that had us all laughing in the aisles, with…

Informal Training Session – Photography Skills

Next week – please register if you want to come along!

Beyond Recovery (Wirral)

We have met with Wellpool several times in Liverpool through the Mental Health Consortium. We are always keen to meet with other local mental health groups and learn about their ways of working.  They have kindly asked us to say a little about who we are. Beyond Recovery is an…

Young Actors

Great opportunity for young people to get involved with a really exciting team: Here are some examples of D Street Media’s previous work:

Out of the Comfort Zone

In the first of our fortnightly ‘Talk and Blog’ sessions on Thursday, we discussed what it means to step out of the comfort zone. One of the key instructions in stress control management is ‘Face your Fears’ (as taught in the course put together by Dr Jim White). It is,…

Creative Writing as Therapy

Creative writing may often be helpful for people with mental health difficulties and for those who try to help us. Here is an audio discussion about how creative writing can be used in therapy by Lunar Poetry Podcasts. How has creative writing helped you? There is a transcript of this discussion here:….

Sacred Circle

    I’m not sure how or where to begin this blog because there is no beginning or end to write about. You see I’m trying to construct a circle, not a mathematical circle but my own invisible circle of self-love and self-discovery.  My safe, sacred space, my connection to…

“Introvert Doodles” by Maureen “Marzi” Wilson

I ordered this book back in October of last year, but it hadn’t yet been released in this country. Well, it finally arrived last week, and it was well worth the wait! It conveys what it is like to be an introvert with gentle humour and a lot of warmth….

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