Beekeeping with PSS

A group of PSS service users and staff got together for a beekeeping course, some of us had already completed a course with certification and this was a refresher course and others were newcomers to the world of bee’s.

We spent time going over the life cycle of bees, the different types of bees and the jobs of the different bees, then we got to do some of the practical things. We constructed a section of the hive and also the frames that hang inside for the bees to do their work. We then donned an array of different types of beekeeping suits, gloves and shoes/boots/wellies. When we were all suited up and there were no gaps for bees to get through we headed for the hives.

The first hive we opened was full to the brim about 60,000 bees and they were not too friendly as we had disturbed them, some of the group were afraid and went further back away from the bees. We had a look and put the lid back on, we then went to the second hive and the bees were a lot calmer and there were fewer bees in it. Some of the people who had never seen so many bees close up were very brave and even held the frame with the bees on it.

We had a look at the brood to see if it looked healthy and even managed to see the queen bee all taking photo’s with difficulty because of the gloves we were wearing.

Then we had a look at the honey stores in a super which stays above the brood.

Everyone had a great time and we can’t wait to get together to go along again.

From an anonymous PSS service user – with many thanks.

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