Arts and Well-Being

In this report, the Well Pool community reporter explored how the Arts are related to positive health and well-being.

3 thoughts on “Arts and Well-Being”

  1. Nicky says:

    Is there no end to your talents PSS Creatives? Very inspirational.

  2. Phil seery(The Park Poet) says:


    There’s a nutter on the bus!

    He sat down next to me, his nails are long and dirty, his trousers smell of wee!

    His Tesco bag for life is full of, nothing much at all,

    He tries some conversation, on deaf ears it falls, everyone’s lookin, I try to ignore.

    He’s mumbling, rambling; then he starts to shout!

    The driver’s going into one, from his cab, he’ll be out.

    But the driver just shouts. ‘Keep it down will yer lad!?’

    Yeah, that was it exactly, the he added with a snarl.

    ‘If yer don’t shurrup, yer off at Fazakerley!’

    The bus whines on, the nutter’s gone quiet, I’ll get where I’m going, no more chance of a riot.

    But WAIT! Hang on a mo’,how did THIS come to pass!?

    The nutter on the bus is ME!

    Just caught my reflection in the glass!

    1. WellPool says:

      Another great poem Phil. Thanks for contributing.

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