And we’re off!

We noticed that some of the existing sites were a bit 'busy' and all singing-and-dancing. We wanted ours to be clean & simple, but effective with different features.

~ Gareth, Project Participant. ~

We arrived for our first session at Toxteth TV and met Hayley who we are going to work with to develop the health & well-being blog. This first session was all about researching existing blogs and health & well-being sites to see what type of content and features they have, and to start thinking about how we would like our blog to be. It was good to check out the competition, and pinch a few ideas!

We pooled our findings from the research together and decided that we wanted our blog to be much more than a blog…we wanted it to have events listings, case studies, creative pieces and much more! It seems like we’ve increased Hayley’s work load by 100%!

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